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Course 1
Intro: Does your student have ADD, Dyslexia or is it BVD?
  • In this course, teachers will learn:
  • What Binocular Dysfunction is
  • What the causes of BVD are
  • What the effects of BVD are
  • How common BVD is
  • How students can get help
  • How teachers can help
  • What dyslexia and ADD have to do with BVD
  • Types of BVD that effect students
  • How BVD effects students
  • How BVD effects the classroom

Introduction to BVD
Differentiating BVD Signs and Symptoms
from Other Learning Disorders

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Course 2

  • The Problem: Symptoms of BVD – BVD the Epidemic you don’t know about
  • Summary
  • In this course, teachers will learn symptoms of BVD, including:
  • Discomfort watching 3D movies
  • Carsickness
  • Slow readers
  • Inability to read
  • Slow note takers
  • Dizziness
  • Motion sickness
  • Disinterest in school
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Teachers will be trained on how to use this symptom recognition to notice the students that may have BVD

Education of BVD

This course provides educators a foundational understanding of Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD) as well as a general understanding of the symptoms associated with BVD
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Course 3
  • The Solution: Identifying and helping students with BVD
  • Summary
  • In this course, teachers will learn ways students with BVD can get help, including:
  • The student can get an exam with an optometrist that is knowledgeable in BVD and can correctly diagnose BVD
  • The student can get glasses with prism and/or bifocal for immediate help
  • The student can undergo visual therapy with an occupational therapist to correct BVD
  • Teachers will be trained on how to encourage students and their parents to get students that are exhibiting symptoms of BVD help to correct the issues

Collaborative Solutions for BVD

Helping Students Get the Help They Need

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